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Bay City Abstract & Title Company and our predecessors have been providing professional, friendly title search and title insurance services in Bay City and Matagorda County, Texas, since 1898.  Our staff has many years of experience in all aspects of title work for all kinds of properties.  Give us a call locally at 979-245-6321.

Frequently Asked Questions About Title Insurance and Title Services

Question:  Do I need to get title insurance to refinance my property?

Answer:  When you refinance a property, the lender will often order a title search whether or not they obtain a loan policy.  That often depends on whether or not they are the current holder of the mortgage.  Even if the refinance mortgagee is the current lender, the lender might want a title policy or a title search telling the lender what’s happened on the property from the time the lender did the first loan until now.

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Question:  Is there a way I can track the progress of my closing online?

Answer:  Yes, there is!  We provide a paperless closer that allows you to track the progress of your transaction at any time of the day or night just by clicking this link.  You’ll be given a user name and password for the paperless closer when we start your file, and we’ll also email you updates whenever the status of your property transaction changes.

Question:  Do you offer online title search services?

Answer:  Yes, we do!  You can have access to the property records of Matagorda County online by clicking this link.  It’s a dollar page to print and 25 cents a search.  You can search it by name or legal description or during a particular time frame.  It’s helpful for people doing genealogy research in looking for their family records in Matagorda County.  Oil and gas landmen use the online title search to research property without having to drive to the Matagorda County Courthouse.  People who just want to find the deed to their home can go online and print it for a dollar a page, which is the same price you’d pay if you walk into the Matagorda County Clerks office.  It’s been very helpful to a lot of people for a lot of different reasons.  A lot of effort went into making it.

Question:  Why do you represent several different title insurance underwriters?

Answer:  Because with some property transactions, one underwriter might be willing to take the risk in insuring title and another underwriter might not.  Representing several underwriters and understanding their tolerance for risk in various situations, we can often find an insurance underwriter to issue a title policy when issues appear during the title examination.

Question:  What is the cost of title insurance?

Answer:  The cost of title insurance is set by the State of Texas Department of Insurance, so all title companies will charge you the same rates for your transaction.  The owners title policy is usually based on the sales price of the property.  If a sale isn’t part of the transaction, for example if you’ve owned your property for 10 years without an owner’s title policy and you’d like to obtain one, then we use the appraised value.  If a sale or refinance is part of the transaction, then it’s the sales price or the loan amount.  Click this link to visit the rates information for the Texas Department of Insurance.

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Question:  Why should I choose to do business with Bay City Abstract & Title if the costs for title insurance are set by the State of Texas?  What’s the difference between Bay City Abstract and other title companies?

Answer:  The difference is service!  At Bay City Abstract & Title Company, we work hard to make your transaction as effortless and smooth as possible.  We have many years of experience in every aspect of title examination and title insurance, and that experience works for you when you select us for your title services.

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